Friday, August 17, 2007

Monsoon season in Manila ??

We'd planned to take it easy today anyway - good thing because it is a very rainy and overcast day. At times the rain belts down very heavily (hard to imagine it could possibly be any more intense). My mildly-sunburned arms and neck will certainly get a chance to recover with this kind of weather.

Joy is visiting the Canadian Embassy to attend to some business, and Razel has gone along for company. They're now on the way back.

The kids are pretty happy to have a day off (not travelling). They're busy with their Nintendo DSes. We picked up some cartridges with plenty of older/simpler GameBoy games on them.

Breakfast in this hotel is fairly nice - a 30-foot long buffet. It's included in the room rate for two of us, and it's only P200 ($5) for one kid and the other is young enough to be free. Having a nice breakfast is a great start to the day.


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Steady boy, steady. Details by e-mail.