Thursday, August 9, 2007

Attended a baptism

Baptism of Joy's nephew in Cebu

After the baptism, we had luncheon at a local reception hall.

I noticed the sound system...

Acoustic cannon hanging from the wall...

I need one of these...

Mandarin Tea Garden - Davao City

Mandarin Tea Garden is a local chain that features Philippine treats such as Halo-Halo (mixed-up ube ice cream, ice, fruit, etc.), steamed buns, fried rice, pork asado, and much more. A complete lunch for five is about $10 and is totally delicious.

Davao City

Easy flight from Cebu to Davao. Smooth all the way, no problems.

Cebu airport waiting for flight to Davao City

We're at the Cebu airport waiting for our internal flight to Cebu (Cebu Pacific flight 5J595, 9 Aug, departs 10:10am).

I'm in a lounge that offers free Internet access and PCs. Better Internet access than I have at home...