Saturday, August 11, 2007

Visiting family in Matina

Last evening we visited Autie Lina and family in Matina. We enjoyed a home-cooked meal including some especially-prepared spaghetti. There was a tremendous rain storm and the back roads were flooded several inches deep. At one point several of us had to go out to run an errand so we rode a motorized tricycle (an old motorbike with a sidecar made from welded-up rebar clamped on).

We met Maricel's fiance Larry in Florida by webcam chat (Hi Larry!).

A lazy afternoon in the pool..

Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City

Devon has Jaws by the tail

Deric clinging to the pool edge

After a period of intense negotiation, Devon takes Deric for a float

Deric cuddles under a towel

We'll get to the sandy beaches soon, but for now the pool will have to do.