Friday, August 31, 2007

Deric and the chickens

For some reason, Deric really enjoyed feeding and handling the chickens up in the mountains of Siquijor. One of them ended up in the pot of feed. He even happily held the tail feathers of a rooster as two of them tried to have a match.

Link= Deric and the Chickens on YouTube

Chicken ends up in the pot

Uncle and Deric

Cantabon Cave

These cave entrances are on the property next to our property; not on our property. The downhill cave section might run under our property. We did not enter the caves, but it is reported that the downhill side is as big as a cathedral inside (unconfirmed). They are used as a water source locally.

Uphill side is full of water...

Another entrance to the downhill section

Peeking inside the downhill side

Treasure hunting on Siquijor

We buried 16 1-peso coins on the beach, but found only 7 of them using our metal detector brought along for the occasion. But we also found another 5 peso and 70 centavo that wasn't ours, plus lots of junk. Overall, we're only down by 3.30 peso.

5.70 peso

Assorted metal junk, old nails, bottle caps, wire...

Shortwave radio for BBC World Service

I'd call this eton S350DL a 'clown radio' because it is not really a serious radio, but it worked just fine. And it was relaxing not having to worry about it too much since it was so inexpensive (on sale $59.95Cdn).

I had a printed frequency schedule for BBC World Service into Southeast Asia. I was easily able to dial-up the various frequencies and was almost always able to get a very clear signal.

eton S350DL tuned into Radio Australia's Breakfast Club

I also found many other interesting shortwave stations from all over Asia, many of which I have not ever heard before.

Motorbiking up and down Siquijor's mountains

The mountains rise over 1400 feet over a few miles of travel. At times it is First Gear Only. The roads vary from smooth concrete to rough and rutted.


On the return trip during the early evening, Deric actually fell asleep and Razel had to hold him firmly.

These motorbikes rent for 60 peso per hour (about $1.50) plus gasoline. They are clutchless (semiautomatic 4-speed) and fairly easy to drive. But one needs to be cautious because the consequences of an accident might be very high.

The coconut plantation

4.3ha, about 1/3 of the valley

About 200 coconut trees

Uncle Ramon 'Jr.' picking coconuts
Uncle is about 45 feet in the air in the above picture.

A day-trip to Salagdoong (a famous local beach)

Their trademark view

Mrs. Puff

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coco Grove Beach Resort

"Daddy, I found a dinosaur bone..."

5-Star? Not! But charming...

Onward to Siquijor (catch-up posting)

As expected, there was no Internet access from Coco Grove resort in San Juan, Siquijor. So here are some catch-up postings...


The bustling waterfront...

Our ride, the Delta "Fast" Ferry (14 knots)

Cebu okay - more later

We spent most of the day on ferries: from Siquijor to Dumaguete, then another one with a stop in Tagbilaran for an hour, then on to Cebu. We left the resort in Siquijor at about 11am and we just arrived here at Plantation Bay at about 9pm local.

Many more posts from Siquijor to follow in the next several hours (after a late supper).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last night in Bohol, tomorrow Siquijor

The Chocolate Hills of Carmen, Bohol

Jumping at the Chocolate Hills

Devon with three tarsiers

Baclayon church 1585(?)

Enjoying the pool

Joy & Razel

'Yeah okay, you kids run along ahead...'

Bridge across the Loboc River

Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol

Today we visited the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsiers, a church from 1500s, Hinagdanan Cave, etc. We also walked across a cable and bamboo walking bridge; Joy's cell phone ended up in the Loboc River about halfway across.

Tomorrow we catch the 8am fast ferry to Dumaguete, then the slow boat to Siquijor. This is Plan B since they cancelled the fast ferry to Siquijor.

I expect that there isn't any Internet access at Coco Grove Beach Resort in San Juan Siquijor. So we'll probably be off-line until late on the 30th.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Arrived Bohol Tropics Resort okay

Manila departure was pure chaos. But the flight from Manila to Tagbilaren was uneventful; except that the landing was house-laundry-house-laundry-touchdown followed quickly by full reverse thrust (110%) and stand on the brakes. Bohol Tropics is still delightful. I'll post some pictures once I get the laptop online (this is their free walk-up PC, circa 1988).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Roof-top pool

The Bayview Park Hotel (Ermita, Manila) has a quaint little pool facility on the top floor. It is open to the sky, but surrounded by a wall set with heavily-tinted windows. It'd be a million-dollar view of Manila Bay if they scrapped off some of the window tint.

Deric center-frame

Deric and Devon

Joy, Joy's mom, and Razel poolside

Trip overview

Red lines indicate flights, blue lines indicate ferry rides.