Thursday, August 16, 2007

Manila - let the chaos begin...

No, not quite that bad.

Our Cebu-Manila flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. When we finally arrived at Manila, the rain was (briefly) incredible. We had to wait another 45 minutes or so for the hotel van to arrive at the airport terminal.

But our hotel suite is sweet - corner suite and it must be 500 square feet. The decor is a bit dated. The Ethernet cable sticking out of the wall seems to work (and is apparently free).

The boulevard from the airport to the hotel (Roxas Blvd) is very impressive. Four lanes in each direction with multicolour lights, flags and banners. No expense spared.

Unlike Davao, four lanes is treated as 4 lanes (not 6 or 7).

It's late. Good nite.

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