Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home safe-and-sound

We got home about 01:00am Friday morning. Required two taxis.

Some of us are still jet-lagged, but others are fine so far. I took Deric out for a haircut already.

That's it. There will be more pictures posted to existing posts over the next few days or weeks.

Across the Pacific over Japan and the Aleutians

Boring route across the Pacific - nowhere near the North Pole.

We finally got on the almost-brand-new 777-200. Amusingly, the electronics on the maybe-two-week-old aircraft were already flaky. One of the video screens on our bank of seats was prone to locking up. The Map feature wasn't turned on. And the one of our electrical outlets was overly fussy - we had to swap our power cords between seats to keep everything working. Garbage electronics on those planes.

After a month in unwashed Asia, in turns out that 'The Smelliest Man In The World' was on the flight from T.O. to Halifax sitting in the row in front of us. Charming...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hong Kong sights

We've had two full days here in Hong Kong.

On Day 1 we (except Devon who was feeling too sleepy) went up to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram inclined railway. We (all) then went down to the harbour-front and went back and forth on the famous Star Ferry (starting late afternoon, supper on Kowloon side, and back at night).

Viewed from the Peak Tram

Finally, some ice cream at Victoria Peak

Deric hanging around at Victoria Peak

The famous Star Ferry. Cruise across Hong Kong harbour for HK$2.2 each (about Cdn$0.35).

Hong Kong as viewed from Kowloon side

Hong Kong at night as viewed from Kowloon side

On Day 2 we went to Lantau Island via MTR and visited the Giant Buddha. Upon our return to downtown we rode the double-decker trolley back and forth.

The existing road across Lantau Island is 'single track with passing zones'; makes for an interesting ride.

The Giant Seated Buddha on Lantau Island

Hong Kong Trolley - HK$10 (Cdn$1.35) for the entire group. The top deck is a great way to observe the downtown hustle and bustle.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hong Kong - Out the window...

20th floor, 39 wifi networks found...

Excellent view of the harbour (just right of center)

Hong Kong okay

Nice trip, but takes all day.

More later, it's 2am.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Damn drunken Russians

Scroll down for comment by 'JeffyPooh'.

Sitting around at Plantation Bay

Plantation Bay reception hall

We are sitting around waiting for the 3pm shuttle van to Cebu airport.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Last night in the Philippines, tomorrow Hong Kong

We check out tomorrow by noon, then hang around Plantation Bay having a relaxing lunch until the 3pm shuttle. Then we will hang around the Cebu airport playing with their free WiFi and having a relaxing supper until our 19:55 Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. It'll be very late by the time we get to our hotel in Hong Kong.

Deric was a bit confused about Hong Kong - he thought 'Hong Kong' was a large gorilla.

We have three nights (two full days) in Hong Kong.

Rock Climbing at Plantation Bay

Devon nears the top

Devon reaches the top

On the way down the easy way

Jeff peaks out...

Right behind the 'rock' wall was an indoor firing range. US$20 for seven bullets for all sorts of guns. We didn't try it.

Some sights from Plantation Bay and Cebu

Deric minding the room

Another nice cloud


A very rare "Mercedes-Benz" Musso (normally manufactured by well-known Korean car maker 'Ssangyong')

Added some photos to 'Last Night in Bohol...'

Link to 'Last Night in Bohol...'

Plantation Bay, Mactan, Cebu

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

We arrived here in Cebu late on Thursday (30 August 2007), after travelling from Siquijor by several ferry rides. This resort features several salt water lagoons surrounding a central fresh water pool.

The swimming lagoons are quite nice. The water is not deep and is quite warm. And the salt content makes the 'deadman' floating very easy.

The on-site restaurants are on the expensive side and the resort is sufficiently far out of town that there isn't any other choice.

It's a completely man-made environment (previously a barren wasteland). It's nice, but it isn't the more natural beauty of Siquijor.

Razel poses on the Waterside steps

Jeff & Razel on the patio

Dune House (our room far right)

One of the swimming lagoons

Deric & Devon

Family exploring the lagoon by triyak

A view of Mogambo Falls

The Paghacian family of Cang-inte, Siquijor

Max, Jade, Berto (driver, top), Uncle Jr., Razel, Auntie Bebie, Jemar, Jelyn, Jeffrey, Deric, Devon at Salagdoong

Uncle Jr. relaxing at Salagdoong

Jeffrey and Auntie Bebie, with Jelyn (far right) in background at Coco Grove

Jerry on an Easyride

Jade at Coco Grove

Jemar at Coco Grove

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Assorted images from Siquijor

Nice clouds over the mountains of Negros Oriental as seen from Coco Grove, Siquijor

Uncle's house at Cang-inte

Jerry at the water tank above Cang-inte (Uncle's village)

A little garden on a rock at the coconut plantation

The huge mountains on the island of Negros Oriental as viewed while driving down from the mountains of Siquijor

Jemar and Devon hanging out the back of an Easyride

Coco Grove's Jeepney 'Honeybee'

Ah yes, the horses...(?)

One other interesting thing happened at Coco Grove. I had planned to try to observe any interesting astronomical events that might be available, but during the wet season the sky is often covered with a thin layer of clouds. The stars only appeared occasionally. Also, lacking Internet access, I wasn't able to get up-to-date predictions for International Space Station (ISS) passes.

But one night at the swim-up bar at Coco Grove, little Deric said, "Why is that star moving?" Deric, Devon and I got a nice and clear view of the very bright 'moving star'. We later confirmed that it was the ISS making a perfect pass almost directly over Siquijor.

ISS passes over Siquijor

Thank you Deric!!