Sunday, August 19, 2007

Roof-top pool

The Bayview Park Hotel (Ermita, Manila) has a quaint little pool facility on the top floor. It is open to the sky, but surrounded by a wall set with heavily-tinted windows. It'd be a million-dollar view of Manila Bay if they scrapped off some of the window tint.

Deric center-frame

Deric and Devon

Joy, Joy's mom, and Razel poolside

Trip overview

Red lines indicate flights, blue lines indicate ferry rides.

Manila - the view from our hotel window

Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Blvd, Ermita, Manila
Overlooking Roxas Blvd, port in background

Manila Bay across the street

Back streets of Manila
Today is Sunday and we'll be taking it easy - no major adventures. There's a cute little pool facility on the top of this hotel and we'll probably take the kids there later this afternoon.

Minor change in travel arrangements to Bohol

On Monday (20 August 2007), instead of flying Manila to Cebu and then taking a fast ferry from Cebu to Bohol, we've just booked ourselves (four of us [make that 6, maybe 7]) onto a direct flight (5J619 departing 11:50am) from Manila to Tagbilaren, Bohol. Instead of spending the whole day travelling, we'll be there in about an hour. This change is a bit of a clean-up from the last minute change to visit Manila instead of Camiguin.

FYI - Four one-way air tickets Manila->Bohol (about 400 miles) is under Cdn$150 total.