Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Typhoon Sepat

Turn turn turn !!!!

Typhoon Sepat is heading straight towards Manila, but is predicted to turn north shortly. If it disobeyed the forecast and went stright, then it would be in Manila at the same time as us. There are already reports of flooding in certain areas of Luzon, but apparently not caused by this weather system.

We should be fine so long as it follows the forecast.

All for now.

Last full day in Davao City

The Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City

Today (Wednesday, 15 August 2007) is our last full day in Davao City. Today is planned to be a relatively quiet day. We'll probably stroll through a shopping mall, and then visit Matina again.

Tomorrow morning, we'll be flying to Cebu. We will drop off Max in Cebu to take a ferry to Bohol, and then the rest of us fly to Manila later the same day. We will catch-up with Max in Bohol early next week.

This 24-hr Internet access period ends in about 8 hours, but I expect to be on-line again from Manila sometime during the extended weekend.

Foyer of The Marco Polo Hotel