Saturday, September 1, 2007

Assorted images from Siquijor

Nice clouds over the mountains of Negros Oriental as seen from Coco Grove, Siquijor

Uncle's house at Cang-inte

Jerry at the water tank above Cang-inte (Uncle's village)

A little garden on a rock at the coconut plantation

The huge mountains on the island of Negros Oriental as viewed while driving down from the mountains of Siquijor

Jemar and Devon hanging out the back of an Easyride

Coco Grove's Jeepney 'Honeybee'

Ah yes, the horses...(?)

One other interesting thing happened at Coco Grove. I had planned to try to observe any interesting astronomical events that might be available, but during the wet season the sky is often covered with a thin layer of clouds. The stars only appeared occasionally. Also, lacking Internet access, I wasn't able to get up-to-date predictions for International Space Station (ISS) passes.

But one night at the swim-up bar at Coco Grove, little Deric said, "Why is that star moving?" Deric, Devon and I got a nice and clear view of the very bright 'moving star'. We later confirmed that it was the ISS making a perfect pass almost directly over Siquijor.

ISS passes over Siquijor

Thank you Deric!!