Saturday, September 8, 2007

Across the Pacific over Japan and the Aleutians

Boring route across the Pacific - nowhere near the North Pole.

We finally got on the almost-brand-new 777-200. Amusingly, the electronics on the maybe-two-week-old aircraft were already flaky. One of the video screens on our bank of seats was prone to locking up. The Map feature wasn't turned on. And the one of our electrical outlets was overly fussy - we had to swap our power cords between seats to keep everything working. Garbage electronics on those planes.

After a month in unwashed Asia, in turns out that 'The Smelliest Man In The World' was on the flight from T.O. to Halifax sitting in the row in front of us. Charming...


Mike said...

Did you run the GPS during the entire flight? Also, did you take the passenger back to your house so he could get cleaned up?

Anonymous said...

It wAs A rOuGh fLiGhT. The Seat Belt sign wasn't turned off until we were over Japan. I left the GPS running all across the Pacific (starting with Japan) while I watched about nine episodes of "From the Earth to the Moon" on DVD at the same time.

Mr. World's Smelliest Armpits had a radius of distruction of about 2 rows forward and 5 rows backward. There musta been about 30 people holding their shirts over their noses and looking at each other.

Three people died when he reached up to turn on his reading light.