Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last night in Bohol, tomorrow Siquijor

The Chocolate Hills of Carmen, Bohol

Jumping at the Chocolate Hills

Devon with three tarsiers

Baclayon church 1585(?)

Enjoying the pool

Joy & Razel

'Yeah okay, you kids run along ahead...'

Bridge across the Loboc River

Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol

Today we visited the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsiers, a church from 1500s, Hinagdanan Cave, etc. We also walked across a cable and bamboo walking bridge; Joy's cell phone ended up in the Loboc River about halfway across.

Tomorrow we catch the 8am fast ferry to Dumaguete, then the slow boat to Siquijor. This is Plan B since they cancelled the fast ferry to Siquijor.

I expect that there isn't any Internet access at Coco Grove Beach Resort in San Juan Siquijor. So we'll probably be off-line until late on the 30th.

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