Monday, August 6, 2007

MS GPS-500 dongle with 'SiRF III'

Wow - GPS dongle for USB. The size of a postage stamp, plus an adapter to make it fit the USB cable. Once it locks onto the signals, you can move it away from the aircraft window perhaps 20-30 cm and it will still maintain tracking of six to ten GPS satellites. I even left it in its pouch and slid the window blind closed (*) and it still worked fine. Although the aircraft entertainment system wasn't providing position graphics ("not available"), I was able to track most of the 15.5 hour flight over the polar region.

(* Our route across the top of the world meant that we took off from Halifax at 6am in daylight, then Toronto to Hong Kong in daylight, left Hong Kong in daylight, and it didn't get dark until we were approaching Cebu. Roughly 24 hours of continuous bright sunshine on our side of the aircraft.)


Anonymous said...

I got it at Costco at the last minute. The box had been opened, the DVD had fingerprints and a scratch, and it was marked down to $99.95. I was expecting to pay about $140 at Costco, so I took a chance and grabbed it. Worked out fine.

Mike said...

Nice one. I told you to get it. That was what I used when I went to BC last year. You may have picked up the one I returned after the trip.


Glad to hear it worked for you. Good thing the flight staff didn't realize you worked with Al-quaeda.