Sunday, September 2, 2007

Plantation Bay, Mactan, Cebu

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

We arrived here in Cebu late on Thursday (30 August 2007), after travelling from Siquijor by several ferry rides. This resort features several salt water lagoons surrounding a central fresh water pool.

The swimming lagoons are quite nice. The water is not deep and is quite warm. And the salt content makes the 'deadman' floating very easy.

The on-site restaurants are on the expensive side and the resort is sufficiently far out of town that there isn't any other choice.

It's a completely man-made environment (previously a barren wasteland). It's nice, but it isn't the more natural beauty of Siquijor.

Razel poses on the Waterside steps

Jeff & Razel on the patio

Dune House (our room far right)

One of the swimming lagoons

Deric & Devon

Family exploring the lagoon by triyak

A view of Mogambo Falls

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